FAQ for Gym Managment software by fitnessmobility


Faq & Support

The fitness mobility gym management software is meant to allow the fitness business to control and manage different affairs like, online tracking/scheduling, class calendar, WOD tracking, automated mailings, performance tracking multi-gym management, and so much more that helps keep your system more organised. Now controlling and tracking the different details is enabled to be more accurate. Try the fitness mobility gym management software to see your business grow and operate in a more defined way.
While you grow, you would definitely have to handle more members and with the registration of new members, their addition to the names of the current members is to be made. And the number of the members added to the information entered in the software has to be altered. Let’s see how you can do the same;
  • Click on the unique link provided to you while you are allowed access to the software.
  • Login using your unique link
  • Navigate towards your profile
  • Locate the integration link
  • Enter the necessary information in the membership section.
The fitness mobility gym management software is a complete web solution which allows you to control the various functions of the same through convenient apps on your android phones and iPhones. For syncing the software on your smart phone device, you need to follow the following steps;
  • Browse to your unique link provided
  • Click on the menu button
  • Click on the option “add bookmarks”
  • Mention the name of the APP link.
  • Enter the login password, and you are good to go.
To delete an existing member from the list of members enrolled in the software is as easy as adding them. You can remove a member quickly from the software using the right ways to do so. You can set them to the inactive mode using the simple steps mentioned below;
  • Visit the members page
  • Find out the column where the active status of the member id shown.
  • To set them as inactive, press the yes button and this is how the account of the concerned member is disabled.
In case when you forget the password or wish to reset it for enhanced security, you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below;
  • Click on the column which says “forgot password”
  • Enter you email address.
  • To reset the password, fitness mobility will forward the information on your concerned email address
  • Open the link and enter the password, confirming the same
  • You have now successfully changed the password