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Fitness Mobility Features

Product Features


To stay updated with the progress reports and the succession made in the activities performed at the gym, you would get assisted with Dashboard Report Management system. Where we provide you with the best graphical representation of what gets updated with the software and the undertakings happening in your gym

Manage Leads

To grow an organisation towards more success, you need to keep a perfect track record of the progress made in the business. This requires a well-coordinated management system, and for the aforesaid purpose, Fitness Mobility gym management system does it all. Through our established features we enable you to manage leads on a recurring basis.

Membership Management

Records related to admissions of new members, expiry of the current membership, and the date of membership renewal for the existing members needs to be updated from time to time. With the super-fledged software, we offer provisions for accurate membership management. Now you would face no more fuss in keeping updated with the incoming and outgoing members.,

Attendance Management

Manual attendance management lags a lot of factors through which data related to attendance is unable to be maintained precisely. Now you no more have to rely on the manual way to record the presence of the members, staff and other people associated with the gym. Because we at, the Fitness Mobility gym management software make it as easy as just one click.


Mobile App

The App world has taken the business sector by storm, and to keep it running for your organisation, launching an App is too important. We through the Fitness Mobility gym management software keep your gym’s mobile app updated. Introducing new pages, maintaining the existing links, and updating the information related to the projects is done automatically

Fitness Planner

Having an easy and accurate planning software is important in keeping your day on track. It also helps keep your trainers organized and your revenue streaming. An effective planning management tool will keep your appointments and trainers on the same page.

Online Payment System

Keeping an updated record of the cash inflow and outflow is a very much task of responsibility. Even if a single transaction gets skipped, it effects the entire financial statement, which no organisation can afford. Fitness Mobility gym software management provides a technical solution supporting online payment system, where all payment related records could be maintained perfectly.

User Permissions

Maintaining privacy and keeping up the management system limited to the authorised people is equally important as it is to arrange for the best management software. And thus with the Fitness Mobility gym management software, the organisation gets access to the user permission feature which enables limited access to the management system


Device Independent

Fitness Mobility gym management software is designed to be device independent. No matter which computer hardware you want to use the software on. Our software is designed to adjust well on all kinds of hardware. Thus, it has a versatile compatibility to enable the user wide options of using this utilitarian software. Thus, you just need to install and get on with the unending benefits.

Centralized Data

Data centralisation refers to maintaining a perfect track record of the data and making is accessible to the authorised people. We at Fitness Mobility provide you with the fast growing feature through which the sanctioned people could entree the data form anywhere they want. And this allows a way towards perfect management system.

Dance & Yoga Management

The various service amenities offered by the gym include dance and yoga on the top of the chart. Thus, to maintain the record of the trainer’s providing such training and members enjoying the aforesaid service, Fitness Mobility gym management software provides a helping hand. We help you maintain the track of the progression made in the service, at its best.

Trainers Management System

Every employee working in the organisation has a different profile. For gym training centre, trainers are the key to making big business, and thus, it is very important to maintain the accurate record related to their attendance, salary, and other factors. With Fitness Mobility gym management software, you get to handle the related factors at its best